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Svaneborg Kardyb – Op

     Exploring the musical dynamics between Danish folk music and jazz, Svaneborg Kardyb is a duo that can masterfully bend these genres into modern-day compositions that include elements of ambient, alternative, and more. There are ear-worm melodies in this music as well, such as Op (seen/heard here) which is from the duo’s latest LP, Over Tage (November 2022), and is a great introduction to their music, if, like Vodka, you have never heard of them before. Op is a wonderful, rhythmic tune that will…

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Aibai – Glow

     Aibai is a producer, based in Minneapolis, that stitches together music from her experience with electronica, and blends these influences with modern alternative, ambient, and rhythm and blues, or what Aibai refers to as, “indietronica.” Here on Glow, one of several singles from a new self-titled EP (March 2021), Aibai fronts this easy on the ears music with vocals from Des, better known as Swims. This is a beautiful track on many levels. Aibai certainly shows that her producer chops are well-honed. Also on the EP, More Than Friends, with Colby Hansen…

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Andrew Wasylyk – Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World

     Vodka regulars will note that instrumental music of any kind is a rarity here. It’s not that I don’t like instrumental music, but for it to reach the blog, it really has to be accessible. Lydian Collective, Snarky Puppy, and The Fearless Flyers are just a few whom I believe have transcended the niche status. Enter Andrew Wasylyk, whose compositions are super-accessible and blend modern classical, ambient, and jazz to create a unique and wonderful soundscape. Awoke In The Early Days…

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