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Parker Gispert – Golden Years

     Parker Gispert, frontman for The Whigs, will be releasing his latest solo LP, on September 2nd. Golden Years (seen/heard here) is the title track for that new LP and it is full of jangly rock goodness, circa the 60s, 70s, and 90s, by way of present-day rock. It’s upbeat, fun, and actually pretty lyrically poignant.  Golden Years (the single) is nothing like David Bowie’s song from 1975-except for the title and the fact that…

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Noori & His Dorpa Band – Saagama

     Hailing from Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast of Sudan, Noori & His Dorpa Band perform music reflected in the current state of the revolution there. Through their musical successes, the band tries to draw attention to the plight of the people, whose government over many iterations has denied the people the profits of one of the country’s natural resources, gold. The results for the listener are pure magic,…

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Flagship Romance – You’re My Best Friend (Queen Cover)

     Vodka doesn’t often review covers. It’s a decision I made early on. I’m generally looking for original music from artists. To break through and be given the once-over, a cover must be made to be the artist’s very own. Enter You’re My Best Friend (seen/heard here), covered by one of Vodka’s favorite duos, Flagship Romance, and originally released by Queen on their hugely successful fourth studio LP, Night At The Opera back in 1975. Flagship Romance manages…

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Lisa Wright – Ready Now

     Lisa Wright’s Ready Now (seen/heard here) doesn’t break much new ground where musical styles are concerned but it is a great example of Lisa’s beautiful voice, and sometimes (as in this case) that’s enough.  She has a naturally resonating voice that is immediately accessible. There’s not too much out there from this amazing singer-songwriter yet, but you can listen to a few of her tracks on Spotify and get a feel for where she’s been and where she’s going musically.  Ready Now was written with…

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Lia Rye – Fever Dreams

     If I had to guess, I’d say that Lia Rye is still searching for a magic formula for her all-genre music. Fever Dream (seen/heard here) is the title track from her new EP and it is fascinating! The EP itself doesn’t feel cohesive as far as musical sound is concerned, but the use of multi MIDI melodies that juxtapose against each other (such as those in Fever Dream) playing minor-key against major-key, provide for a unique sound and drama that kept Vodka listening to the end…

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