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Moonlight Jones – Whatcha Doin’ To Me

     Vodka has had this track in the queue for a while, trying to put the right words to it. Sometimes you just don’t get the inspiration you need when you need it! That said, it’s time that this track made it as a post. For those of you with young children that might be hovering over your shoulder, Vodka warns you that you might not want them watching. Think of the content here as PG-13.  Funky, sexy, dance groove-laden, Whatcha Doin’ To Me (seen/heard…

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Klara Goliger – One Day

     Klara Goliger from Gothenburg Sweden can be categorized as alt-pop, but be careful, because that generic categorization doesn’t do justice to the massive musical influences at work here. From jazz to classical, pop to Avant-guard, alternative to rock, and if there’s an in-between genre, it’s there as well. Enter One Day (heard here), a completely enthralling musical piece from Klara’s new LP, The Piano Chair (November 2022) – featuring nine wonderful tracks that can stand by themselves, or together.  One Day’s beautiful jazzy piano plays well with…

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Sinnober – Who’s Gonna Write Our Song

     Vodka has a few favorite artists that show up over and over again. One of those is the husband and wife team of Sinnober. Over the last year and change, they’ve been churning out a set of magical singles that I hope will culminate in a new LP at some point in the near future. The latest addition to this collection is Who’s Gonna Write Our Song (heard here).  Using a lush piano introduction and adding other instruments to the background, Sinnober weaves a pop-jazz tune into…

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Richard Öhrn – Sounds In English LP

     The lush pop goodness of Richard Öhrn is about to drop and you should be ready to snatch it up in your preferred format in just two days! Known for his guitar and songwriting in the band In Deed, Öhrn steps out on his own here with a stunning collection of pop, Sounds In English (Out November 11th), which contains Love And Friendship (heard here).  The results are a dozen tracks of uncompromisingly good music that make you think that in spite of the quality…

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EUT – Step By Step

     With a little staccato intro and a perfect sing-along melody, EUT’s Step By Step (seen/heard here) is a whole lot of fun! It’s the first single to be released for their upcoming LP, Be My Reactor, which will also be the Dutch five-piece band’s first self-produced release. Based on what I’m hearing here, they know how to produce their own work, which is a welcome change from the over-produced releases Vodka has heard in the recent past. To be sure, Step…

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