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Vodka Announces the End

    It was December 2012 when Vodka first discovered Courtney Barnett. At the time, Barnett didn’t have a label (she created her own that same year, Milk Records), but she did have her first EP, I’ve Got A Friend called Emily Ferris, which contained History Eraser, a song I still love. This scrappy left-handed guitarist, with a flair for inspired lyrics, started the same year as this incantation of Vodka’s blog. When I started, I’d scour the dark corners of the Internet searching for new and different artists, hoping that in the process, I’d garner my own following to the blog….

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Moon Safari – Emma, Come On

     Formed in 2003, Moon Safari is a Swedish progressive rock band that features multi-part vocal harmonies and orchestral rock creations that are simply beautiful. Emma, Come On (seen/heard here) is from the group’s latest LP Himlabacken Vol. 2 (December 2023). Vodka picked up several of the group’s LPs a few years ago, including Himlabacken Vol. 1 (August 2013). Though I never featured a video from them before (at the time of my initial discovery, they didn’t have any…

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JJ Slater – Good News

     Combine some funk, and a bit of folk, mix well with some pop hooks and a fun lyric, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Or you do if you are JJ Slater and your song is Good News (seen/heard here). Good News is the leading track on his latest EP, titled simply JJ (October 2023), featuring JJ and a host of collaborators.  Good News is full of fun, and a joy to listen to, but the entire collection features well-written…

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Sinnober – I’d Rather Not Know

     Sinnober is one of Vodka’s favorite duos, and it seems fitting that we countdown to the end of 2023 with their November single, I’d Rather Not Know. It’s a wonderful old-timey feeling song featuring the heartwarming vocals of Natalie Brice, and as with all Sinnober tunes, it is beautiful. Vodka keeps hoping for a new LP from the duo but with their young family, it’s hard to know if that will happen anytime soon.  If you are new to Sinnober, consider a stroll back through Vodka’s memories. There…

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