Sweet Imperfections – Ignorance Is Violence

Sweet Imperfections is led by singer-songwriter Bri Schillings and a collective of some of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers. Ignorance Is Violence (seen/heard here) takes on climate change and humanity’s unwillingness to do what is necessary to curb or reverse it. It’s a sobering message:

Smoke filled hills, covering the earth everywhere I go
feels like the whole world is getting ready to explode

We don’t to stop, think it’s not our fault, no matter what the cost,
we keep on living as it is.

We have ears to hear the truth but don’t care to listen
Eyes to see the destruction but don’t care to see
Even as we predict our own extinction
Our idealisms don’t change

Throughout, Bri drives home the message in a full-throated alto that has similar qualities to Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine) and (as my son-in-law says) Stevie Nicks – in a good way. Bri’s vocals have the ability to make you hear the lyrics while still enjoying the music. Those lyrics are driven like nails. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and not say you are part of the climate change problem after hearing this song, you are genuinely too far gone. Ignorance is violence, after all.

The listener should take this song as a beacon of hope. Each small action we take will help to reverse problems that we have created over decades of wrongful actions. It’s never too late to be hopeful, to foster change, to do your part.

Sweet Imperfections
Sweet Imperfections

With about an LP’s worth of singles released to date, Sweet Imperfections and Bri Schillings appear ready to unleash themselves on the world. The world should be ready to hear more of them in the coming months! You can find more information on Sweet Imperfections on their website, complete with Bri Schillings’ bio, press kit, social and streaming sites, and more. 

As Schillings’ says:

I write about things I feel strongly about. Real stories. Real narratives. Songs with spirit in them. Songs with solutions. Songs with questions. I see the power music has to influence and bring attention to current events and create movements.

Remember, change is possible! You are the change!