JJ Slater – Good News

Combine some funk, and a bit of folk, mix well with some pop hooks and a fun lyric, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Or you do if you are JJ Slater and your song is Good News (seen/heard here). Good News is the leading track on his latest EP, titled simply JJ (October 2023), featuring JJ and a host of collaborators. 

Good News is full of fun, and a joy to listen to, but the entire collection features well-written musical gems that are plenty pleasant and completely different from each other. This isn’t a one-formula-and-done sort of creator. No, JJ Slater is comfortable telling musical stories with many different textures and styles. The EP suffers from time to time with a bit of over-production, which is a shame, because these songs need not be pushed to their sonic limits to keep them fun. Overall, though, it’s hard to fault these creations. 

You can find more information on JJ Slater by heading up to his website, which has most of his social and streaming content, and a nice, if short, biography. Missing is a link to his site, where you can purchase JJ in digital download or CD format. Bandcamp also includes his earlier (June 2021) EP, An Obscure Moon (digital download only). Due out in 2024, is the follow-up LP, The Silver Key. Watch for that!

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