Month: September 2023

WESSON – Second Chances

     WESSON’s second appearance on Vodka, Second Chances (seen/heard here),  has the same feel-good vibe as Made Me Happy reviewed back in March. I’m fast becoming a fan of this band. I love music that makes you feel good, removes some of the angst you might have about the world, and wraps you in a blanket of warmth. WESSON (so far) is a great example of such music. A British alt-rock band, WESSON is led by singer-songwriter Chris Wesson. The…

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The Gulls – Sanitation

     Note September 13, 2023: I didn’t get a review ready for this week. Let’s say it was the combination of life happening and laziness! Look for a post next week, September 20. Until then, enjoy The Gulls for one more week. Cheers! The Gulls are a vagabond band, troubadours, anarchists, like bands such as The Grateful Dead or Phish. Their idea of a good time is to create a pop-up concert in out-of-bounds areas and let their fans know where they are. They created The Robin Hood Tour,…

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