Sinnober – I’d Rather Not Know

Sinnober is one of Vodka’s favorite duos, and it seems fitting that we countdown to the end of 2023 with their November single, I’d Rather Not Know. It’s a wonderful old-timey feeling song featuring the heartwarming vocals of Natalie Brice, and as with all Sinnober tunes, it is beautiful. Vodka keeps hoping for a new LP from the duo but with their young family, it’s hard to know if that will happen anytime soon. 

If you are new to Sinnober, consider a stroll back through Vodka’s memories. There is one thing that you can always expect from Sinnober and that is musical excellence. Every song has the feel and sound of a single that should be on a radio playing somewhere. And to be honest, they should be playing everywhere. 

I’ve written a great deal about Sinnober in the past, so check out those earlier posts. You can find more information on the duo by hitting their website, pick up their singles and LPs from their site, or iTunes. Follow them on their socials and watch for new music to drop. It’s worth your time and money!