Month: October 2023

NOANNE – Goodwill

     Odd and wonderful, NOANNE, a Russian transplant to Prague, explores the struggle between good, and our own doubts, asking the question: Are we drawn to the light of goodness or do we wrestle with it against our own will? At once emotional and unconventional, NOANNE delves into this issue with broad strokes, beginning as a love song, Goodwill (seen/heard here) quickly transforms into the edginess of relationships, where deeds done for another fail to garner notice. Musically, Goodwill is expansive and grandiose with NOANNE’s…

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Hania Rani – Don’t Break My Heart

     Polish artist Hania Rani just released her second full-length LP this year, Ghosts, following up February’s On Giacometti (soundtrack). Ghosts (just in time for Halloween) is a haunting set of compositions, including Don’t Break My Heart (seen/heard here). Hania Rani is a composer, singer, songwriter, and producer, and she uses all of her skills to great effect on Ghosts. Collaboration is the order of the day as well, with Patrick Watson and Ólafur Arnalds chipping in….

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26fix – Stone Killer

     Out of Utah, and making her Vodka debut, is 26fix, the moniker for music creator, singer, and performer, formerly of the band Brothers, Erica Goodwin. Releasing a handful of singles since 2021 when Brothers split, 26fix has an EPs worth of dance-friendly wonders, that will have you cocking your head to listen more closely while you dance. The latest, Stone Killer (seen/heard here), has made waves on Serious XM Alt-Nation and XMU.  I love this track. There is a bundle…

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