A Look Back at 2015

It was a great year in music and Vodka takes pride in knowing that at least one of our long followed artists, Courtney Barnett, was nominated in the Best New Artist category for a Grammy. She deserves it! We have followed her since the wonderful History Eraser posted over 3 years ago-from her singles, to her EPs and even her duet work. Her humor and edgy guitar work make her unique in the indie-rock field and who better to win a Grammy for Best New Artist?  We will see how the voting ends up in 2016, but let’s hope she wins hands down!

Vodka has explored other avenues in music too.  Consider the odd pop renderings of Phall Fatale’s, The Girl, The Beat, posted very recently, or the deliciously wonderful lounge-influenced jazz-pop of Sara Niemietz and Taxi Outside. Perhaps your taste rolls a little closer to progressive rock? Well then, we brought you a taste of John Bassett and another track from Big Big Train.

From the rock of SWIMM or Little Hurricane to the folk of Holly Arrowsmith and folk-pop of Timberwolf, Vodka has tried to bring you the best it can find in all of the dark corners and unlit edges of the music world. From Susy Blue to Burn Antares and from Cry Monster Cry to Crystal Bowersox, Vodka has attempted to bring you great musical variety that you might not find elsewhere.

We hope we have succeeded and that you enjoy following us. Keep an eye on Courtney Barnett’s Grammy nomination and we will keep watching for the best of the more obscure music available.  Now, on to 2016!