WESSON – Second Chances

WESSON’s second appearance on Vodka, Second Chances (seen/heard here),  has the same feel-good vibe as Made Me Happy reviewed back in March. I’m fast becoming a fan of this band. I love music that makes you feel good, removes some of the angst you might have about the world, and wraps you in a blanket of warmth. WESSON (so far) is a great example of such music. A British alt-rock band, WESSON is led by singer-songwriter Chris Wesson. The four-piece was founded from a mutual need for music as part of the member’s lives. 

Second Chances explores reminiscing about past events in your life, and while wanting to change the outcomes, realizing that it just isn’t possible. You need to accept those outcomes as part of who you are and move on with life in a positive way.  Chris explains the song this way: 

“I’m not alone in having made mistakes along the way. So I hope this song gives some hope and comfort to those harbouring regrets and resentments, it can be a lonely place reflecting on a painful memory, hearing a song like Second Chances reminds me that I’m not alone, and that definitely helps. We’d hope it might lend itself to someone who is travelling or moving from one place to another, in the same way that their minds are moving on from dwelling on the past and celebrating that departure in their thought patterns.”

WESSON promises more releases throughout the remainder of 2023 and into the future. Vodka is hoping for an LP sometime in that timeframe. An EP  Second Chances (same as this song), is due to be released in February 2024. 

WESSON (Left to right: Jimmy, Callum, Chris, Dale)

WESSON is made up of Chris (guitar, lead vocal), Callum (bass, backing vocal), Jimmy (guitar, backing vocal), and Dale (drums, backing vocal). You can find more information on WESSON by heading up to their website.   I love this design! There is no clutter here, it is very much a poster for the band. The “MENU” has everything you need and it is very well laid out. Their social sites are bottom center, but everything else is found via the menu. Someone thought this through carefully. 

Watch for WESSON’s EP release in February, and in the meantime, stream the band’s songs from your favorite streaming site. This is a band that is going places! Why don’t you tag along for the ride?