All Mankind – Break The Spell

All Mankind makes music in a wall of sound formula-power pop-rock,  This formula doesn’t always work, but All Mankind has found a way to make it fresh and new again.  Here on Break the Spell from the long-player Simple Desire, the band highlights their chops perfectly, Rich Beeston’s throaty tenor (vocals/piano) is powerful and carry’s the song forward nicely.  This is power pop at it’s best.  All Mankind was formed out of Sydney, Australia in 2008 and includes Dave Beeston (drums/vocals), Gavin Perkns (bass) and Dorny (guitar).

You can find more information on All Mankind by visiting them on their web site which includes, purchase and social links. You can also find Break the Spell on released under Creative-Commons licensing (restrictions apply). Check out this great band!