Beecher’s Fault – Liars

The video of the song Liars from Beecher’s Fault 2011 full-length self-titled release, features feet. Yes, I know, it’s a bad play on words, but it is an interesting way to look at relationships via foot attitude. Beecher’s Fault weaves alt-pop instrumentation with smooth vocal delivery. The results are perfectly balanced pop-rock fusion with lyrics that are easily heard above the instruments. It’s not like instrumentation is underneath necessarily, it’s just used sparingly to great effect. In June of this year, Beecher’s Fault released a great new single using the same perfect pop formula, Misbehavior, which is available via i-Tunes and Amazon. You can hear that single on the site.

You can find out more info including links to purchases from Beecher’s Fault web site, which of course includes all of the best social links. Check out Beecher’s Fault now!