Big Big Train – Make Some Noise

If you are one of the uninitiated to the progressive rock of Big Big Train as I was, you are going to be blown away! Big Big Train combines the forcefulness of full-on rock, the modern nuances of alternative, pop friendly melodies and a vocal delivery that is more than just a little accomplished, to create what I have to refer to as a painting of emotion. You will find yourself believing that Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Rush have just been thrown into a blender and mixed. Yet there’s more to it than that.Take a listen to Make Some Noise from the band’s 9-track EP (?) of the same name, and you will hear what I mean.

Big Big Train has made great progressive rock music without the benefit of a label since at least 1991. Their very complete web site contains a great history of the band from their early days to now and all of their social links. One omission appears to be their site, so I’ll include it here. You can also find Make Some Noise on the English Electric: Full Power double-CD or download. Check out progressive rock made fresh by a band that has dedicated a good portion of their lives to doing it right!