Big Big Train – Meadowland

Dedicated to the memory of John Wetton, co-founder of the band Asia and member of King Crimson, who passed away in January of this year from colon cancer, Meadowland is an absolutely beautiful ballad from progressive rock aficionado’s Big Big Train, a Vodka favorite. Meadowland appears on the new long-player, Grimspound (April 2017). 

We haven’t been shy about our praise for Big Big Train. We introduced Grimspound with a review of Telling The Beesfrom the Folklore LP just a month or so ago, which took the opportunity to look back at Big Big Train’s history on Vodka.

The only thing that has changed since then is that Grimspound is now released. Head on over to the band’s website or pick up Grimspound in CD or Vinyl from the band’s store link. You can also pick up the long player in 24-bit high-resolution digital audio from the band’s site. Do it!