Carol Keogh – My Father The Jeweler

Carol Keogh is a musician, singer, songwriter and visual artist from Ireland. Her latest 3-song EP is entitled My Father The Jeweler, which is a tribute to her late father, Brendan Keogh who passed away in 2014. The cover art is also by Carol Keogh, a piece entitled Whale Tail

Carol has remained in the musical shadows in spite of her tremendous voice. She has lent her talents to a number of Irish bands over the years that also have been mostly hidden from view. Thus is the modern music industry, where talented bands, singers and song-writers are often lost amidst the fluff of the next big thing. 

You can find Carol Keogh’s EP, as well as her amazing full-length from October 2014, Mongrel City, on her site. You can find more information on her art work by visiting her art blog, and if you just want to find more information on Carol, you can visit her Facebook page. (the Facebook page is not very up-to-date.)