Case/Lang/Veirs – Atomic Numbers

Case/Lang/Veirs as in Neko Case, K.D. Lang and Laura Veirs are representative of something that sometimes works and sometimes fails: supergroups. Thankfully, this is an example of when chemistry really works! As good as these three women are by themselves, they are perhaps orders of magnitude better together. 

Their first album together is a testament to this on almost every level. Compositions are tight with understated harmonies and more than enough singable melodies to please. 

At Vodka, we generally keep to the unknown or little-known bands, because we feel they don’t get enough attention, but we sometimes veer off a bit for something exceptional and this is just one of those times. 

You can find more information on Case/Lang/Veirs on their website, which is really just a link to all three of their individual sites plus a link to their tour and purchase site.

It’s hard to imagine how you might have missed this great supergroup over the last few months, but just in case you did, check them out now, and go purchase that long-player!