Catherine Feeny – People in the Hole

Zombies.  Things that make you go “Hmmmm?” Catherine Feeny has a delightful breathy vocal delivery, similar in some ways to Suzanne Vega. Here on People in the Hole, Catherine explores what we don’t know about zombies and what zombies don’t know about us. It’s very tongue-in-cheek funny, and yet if you were listening to this song without the video, you would just be transfixed with Catherine’s vocals, rather than what’s going on here lyrically. The video helps!

Catherine Feeny is a folk-pop singer and songwriter who has been making music for quite awhile now. She has no unified one-stop for everything Catherine, so I’ll try to give you as many links as possible here so that you have everything you need to find out all about her. You can find her on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. You can find her older (2007) Hurricane Glass release on and the newer 2010 release People in the Hole (where this track came from) on Check out Catherine Feeny. She deserves to be heard.