Clones of Clones – Somebody Else

Indie rockers Clone of Clones recently released their first long-player after a few years of developing their sound and gigging around the Washington DC area. Somebody Else is one of the tracks from Monster Heart (October 2015), which deconstructs the love, lost love, moving on subject very uniquely. 

The overall sound of Clone of Clones is very modern indie-rock.  It is accessible while still being enough different to set them apart from the crowds of music in the same genre’. That’s if you can locate them in that crowd, and the band does a fairly good job of having resources in the various social and web areas.  One complaint might be that their link, only links back to their Facebook site, and the only link that links to all of the band’s resources is their website.  A quick addition of some links on and elsewhere should fix that up.

If you have yet to experience Clone of Clones, then head on up to their website and consider a purchase of their music from their store link,, or iTunes.  Check out Clone of Clones now!