Cynic Guru – Catastrophe

‘Progressive rock in a big way’, describes the extremely interesting Icelandic band Cynic Guru’s.  Just when you think you have their style figured out, they will change it-often in the same song.  A great example of this is 2005’s Catastrophe from their only long-player, Iceland.  Some might describe certain elements of Cynic Guru’s music as likened to Alice in Chains, and they wouldn’t be wrong.  They use many of the same constructs, minor keys, grunge guitars, etc., but they ultimately end up sounding like nothing else you’ve heard before.

Unfortunately, the only “purchase” option I can find for their music involves a $45 import on Amazon, which pretty much places them out of my budget, and they have one of the most confusing web sites I’ve ever visited. It’s almost like they never wanted to sell their music to anyone, and hey, maybe they didn’t.

If you’d like to hear more from Cynic Guru’s, check out their MySpace or Reverbnation sites.Enjoy, and if you find a reasonably priced purchase option for this band out there, please drop me a line and let me know about it.