Daniel Niehoff – Civil War Letters – House Concert Review

This weekend (Sunday, June 18, 2023) I had the pleasure of attending a house concert where Daniel Niehoff from Paducah, Kentucky,  was the performer. It was a hot Summer evening in Nebraska, but once the music started, no one was thinking about the heat. Daniel is a very engaging and positive young artist. His songs run from the serious, such as Civil War Letters (seen/heard here) to the hilariously ridiculous, such as Big Ol’ Truck. These are songs in the true folk-song tradition, although Daniel’s style is his own. Civil War Letters is about two brothers fighting on opposite sides, hoping to see each other when the war is over. This happened in many families back then.  

Daniel Niehoff
Daniel Niehoff

With two fingers of Old Grand Dad at the ready, and a large glass of water, Daniel proceeded to enthrall the small but responsive audience.  He proved that he could belt out the words when that was required, or sing them tenderly if the reverse was true. He had us in stitches with I Didn’t Know I Was Drunk, and listening closely to the song dedicated to his dad, I See Memories. Every song was a story that was worth listening to. Daniel’s guitar work was beautiful. He played without a microphone or any amplification, and to be honest, none was needed. It was a great night of music!

Daniel Niehoff CDs

You can find more information on Daniel Niehoff by heading up to his website. There you will find links to all of his social networks, music purchase options, a few YouTube videos, a shop link for swag that doesn’t include music, a contact link, and more. The events link is empty, which I know is incorrect as he was on tour when he stopped off in Nebraska. Drop Daniel a message in the contact form or add your name to his mailing list.  

You can (and should) pick up the artist’s CDs. They are great! That said, the best way to experience Daniel’s music is the way that Vodka experienced it: live, at a house concert near you. Check out Daniel Niehoff today!