Dave Kerzner – Stranded

Similarities to progressive rock groups such as Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Pink Floyd are a given with former Sound of Contact keyboardist, songwriter and producer, Dave Kerzner. In fact, the lead off track is introduced here by noted ELP keyboardist, Keith Emerson. This debut concept album, New World (December 2014) follows a man who is stranded in a future desert and manages to find his way home to the biodomed city where he originally came from. 

The music here is beautiful, and texturally complex as you would expect from a musician such as Kerzner. Here on Stranded the lead off track, you get an idea of how rich and wonderful this music is.

You can find more information on Dave Kerzner by visiting his web site. Consider a purchase of New World by slipping up to his site. You can also can pre-order the CD on the web site.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!