Dicky Dahl – Black Hills Gold

Steeped in a mysterious story that lies just beneath the surface, Black Hills Gold from the band Dolorean’s 2011 release The Unfazed, insinuates a deep loss and in some ways, a new beginning.  Singer and guitarist, Al James, paints the story with broad strokes, rather than details, and lets the listener decide how best to interpret.  That said, the story is decidedly dark.  This video, captures the darkness in it’s black and white rendering.  As the story resolves in the end, the video becomes color, and there in lies the hint of new birth, new beginnings.  Stunning and worth the listen.

You can find out more about Dolorean by visiting their web site.  You can purchase The Unfazed and also get a free download of their EP Anticipation Blues at the time of purchase.  Check out and support this band!