Dropkick – Slow Down

Remember Dropkick?  They appeared on Vodka a couple of years ago with Style from the EP of the same name. Since that time, the boys in the band have been busy, releasing Homeward in 2014, which contained Style, a compilation long-player encompassing some of the band’s work from 2001-2008 called Good Vibes Vol. 1, and now (by the time you read this or very soon after) a new long-player, Balance The Light, from which Slow Down comes.

The band seems to have settled on a style that is a bit retro and alt-folk-rock, which works very well for them.   Dropkick is planning a tour beginning in April (2016) which will place them in Germany for a couple of dates as well as their home, Scotland. No dates across the pond, unfortunately. 

If you haven’t checked out Dropkick yet, it is high time you did. You can find more information on this great band by visiting their website or head up to their site for their complete catalog of music, most available in CD, vinyl, and of course digital download.