[dunkelbunt] & Alix – Egal

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, [dunkelbunt] (a.k.a. Ulf Lindemann and a band of extras) fuses hip-hop, jazz, and other non-traditional styles such as fiddle n bass to reveal an energetic and wonderful sound all his own. Whatever it is, I dare you… no, double-dog dare you, to listen without moving something on your body (hands, feet, head)! This amalgam of sound is so pleasing and uplifting! Get your dance shoes on! Egal featuring Alex (seen/heard here) is from the [dunkelbunt] long-player Mountain Jumper (March 2015). The collection is full of wonderful electronic and acoustic instrumental moments, vocals used as both rhythms and lyric delivery elements.  

[dunkelbunt] helped to popularize musical mash-ups that created the styles of electro-swing and Balkan beats. I’d say that Mountain Jumper successfully combines those efforts and more. The result is a sonic, in-your-face LP that pretty much demands to be listened to all the way through.

You can find more information on [dunkelbunt] by visiting his very complete website. You can find the Mountain Jumper long-player (and more) on his site. Go out and pick up something eternally uplifting and genre-bending for that hard to purchase for, the music lover in your life or for yourself. Check out [dunkelbunt] now!