Emily Barker – Sunrise

You may remember Emily Barker from two mini-reviews in close succession to each other four years ago just before the Dear River long-player was released. Well, Emily Barker has continued to make fine pop-influenced folk music since then with an ever-increasing focus on polishing and fine-tuning her style. Enter her latest long-player, Sweet Kind Of Blue (May 2017), from which Sunrise (seen/heard here) comes and the metamorphoses continue. It’s like a beautiful butterfly that has somehow turned into an even more beautiful butterfly.

The title track and opener is almost but not quite a mid-tempo rocker that sets the tone for the remaining nine tracks; Not in style but in Barker’s determination to escape being pigeon-holed into a genre. Sister Goodbye is the bluesy follow-up track, a tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who attained fame back in the 1930′s and 40′s with her gospel recordings. No. 5 Hurricane is more folk-country with a plodding beat and sweet melody. Throughout these 10 tracks, Emily Barker proves that she is a musical force without firm roots in any one style. That said, everything ties together nicely.

You can find more information on Emily Barker by visiting her website, which includes a nice bio and a link back to her music store on

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