Emily Brown – Sometimes

Emily Brown’s song Sometimes (seen/heard here) is a study of the play between consonance and dissonance, and how they can interact to pleasing results. On the one hand, you have Emily Brown’s sweet vocals which travel from the lower to upper registers with ease and carry the lyric delivery with moral conviction. On the other hand, you have the use of fuzzed-out guitar, which provides the dichotomy between. The guitars on Sometimes, start in as almost an afterthought, but by the time the final refrain is near the end, they have reached a fever that resounds, rescinds, and resolves in the final note. Sometimes is one of ten new songs on the soon-to-be-released (August 31, 2018) long-player, Bee-Eater, and from a style, perspective is really an outlier, but it still works as part of the larger package of material.

So what about the rest of Bee-Eater? That’s Not Me is a more traditional sounding folkish pop number, full of strings and piano and Emily’s beautiful voice. In My Dreams, is a lilting beauty that seems to have dropped in from a gondola somewhere in Rome.  In fact, much of Bee-Eater is flowing orchestral pop-folk with songs that highlight Emily’s vocals (That’s Not Me, In My Dreams, Beautiful Baby, Take Me Up Slowly), with moments of light pop and bouncy fun (Unseen Girl, True Love) thrown in for good measure.  

All in all, there is so much musical goodness that exists on Bee-Eater! There’s something for every musical taste. Emily Brown is a phenomenal singer who has sometimes been compared to Joni Mitchell, which is certainly evident on Bee-Eater. The lyrics throughout Bee-Eater are poetic samples of Emily Brown’s life and experiences. Want something to listen to and not think about? With the exception of Sometimes, you’ll get to make that choice, though there are plenty of stories worth your time listening to if you want to allow yourself to delve deeper.

There is no one-stop-shop for all things Emily Brown, but you can find her music including the pre-order for Bee-Eater on her site. She has two previous long-players, This Goes With Us (April 2011) and Green Things (July 2012) and the EP Emily Frown from October 2016. You can stay in contact with Emily on her Twitter feed or catch up on her Facebook page.

Check out this amazing artist now and consider adding Bee-Eater to your collection. There’s no time like the present!