Eric Sleeper – Dragons

There is something about minor key songs that really grabs Vodka. Perhaps it is their rarity, but I prefer to believe it has more to do with how they make me feel. They send me down an introspective track, and if they are really good like this one,  they are compelling multi-listens. Enter Eric Sleeper’s minor key and lovely Dragons (heard here). 

Eric Sleeper is a New Jersey-based singer-songwriter that borrows from multiple genres. While containing all of the best elements of modern independent music, he blends elements of folk and acoustic rock that span generations of musical styles. Taking inspiration from multiple artists such as Nick Drake, Nirvana, and Bob Dylan to name just a few, he composes and records everything in his bedroom studio. This minimalistic approach brings intimacy to each track that just wouldn’t be there with a full band or professional studio and session musicians. 

Dragons is best described by the artist himself:

“This song is about figuring out your priorities in life, acknowledging that what we see in movies, TV, or social media may not be what it seems, can leave you discontent and always hungry for more, rather than enjoying the journey itself.”

It’s a wonderful message! For his part, Sleeper’s voice is rich and clear, and while the melody (as noted earlier) is compelling to listen to, the lyrics are front and center as they should be.

Eric Sleeper
Eric Sleeper

There is no one-stop shop for all things Eric Sleeper, unfortunately (no website). You can find some information on his Instagram page or his Facebook page. You can stream all of his current tracks, including Dragons, from his Spotify link. Currently, Sleeper just has a handful of tracks out there, but Vodka hopes he will continue to write and release singles and maybe (cross-fingers) release an LP someday soon. 

Check out Dragons now!