EUT – Step By Step

With a little staccato intro and a perfect sing-along melody, EUT’s Step By Step (seen/heard here) is a whole lot of fun! It’s the first single to be released for their upcoming LP, Be My Reactor, which will also be the Dutch five-piece band’s first self-produced release. Based on what I’m hearing here, they know how to produce their own work, which is a welcome change from the over-produced releases Vodka has heard in the recent past. To be sure, Step By Step has plenty of punch, but the vocals are still clear and nothing is blasted to the top of the spectrum. I’ll cross my fingers and hope that’s the way the LP will turn out as well. While I wait, I’m really enjoying this alt-pop gem!

Hidden within Step By Step is a bit of darkness, something that EUT is used to doing within their music. What’s different about Step By Step and the other tracks on Be My Reactor, is the darkness is allowed to be more up-front. The listener isn’t given exact meaning, but you can intimate something might be a little wrong:

“I’m fine by myself,
I don’t need you,
If you’ll leave too,
I’m about to do it baby,
Feeling kinda lonely lately.

sings vocalist Megan de Klerk. It’s not 100% clear what she’s “about to do” but it doesn’t sound like a good thing. Still, the music is danceable, singable, and delightful. 

Like many bands, COVID changed things in a big way for EUT. Forced to up-end touring, they dug into experimentation, purchased synthesizers, and tried writing music from a different perspective.  The results can be heard in their new sound and in the more up-front nature of the lyrics.  


EUT are Megan de Klerk (vocals), Tessa Raadman (guitar), Emiel de Nennie (guitar), David Hoogerheide (bass and keyboards),  and Jim Geurts (drums). While you can’t find any additional information for the band on their website, it does link to all of their social and streaming sites. Missing is a good biography for the band. Their debut 2018 LP, Fool For The Vibes is still available from Amazon

EUT became a band in 2016, so they’ve been around for a while now. Their alt-pop sound is ever-changing and what comes next is anyone’s guess. If the production values of this video are adhered to throughout the LP, then Be My Reactor should be a gem worthy of your purchase!  Watch for it to appear! While you wait, pick up Fool For The Vibes now.