Evil Eyes – Playing With Matches

Evil Eyes makes pop music with an eye (or ear) towards a full, almost orchestral sound. This sort of sound is reminiscent of 80’s era Bats, the influential New Zealand rockers, who have made consistently great music for nearly 30 years. Here on Playing With Matches from their May 2012 two song single, Over My Shoulder, that Bats reference is almost eerie. Let’s be clear, however; Evil Eyes have their own creative touches.  The spoken word, nearly minimalist, bridge for Matches is a great example.

While Evil Eyes is basically the collaboration between two musicians, Gregg Mabry and Joe Frabotta, the band recently added a bass player (Aleks Bars) and a drummer (Brian Damert) to complete their very first full-length called Borderlines (July 2013). 

Check out some great pop rock from a band that exhibits a lot of talent and tons of potential. Evil Eyes can be found by visiting the band’s nicely designed web site where you can find purchase and social links as well. Consider supporting this band with a purchase of Borderlines today!