Fauna Flora – Happy Hour

Back in April (2014), I purchased the wonderful debut self-titled album from Fauna Flora. It is full of delightful pop gems like Happy Hour (video released May 2). There are orchestral flourishes and grand melodies coupled with great vocal harmonies. Fauna Flora formed the four piece really recently (2013). At the helm, singer/songwriter Steve Ward provides the foundation for what become majestic pieces. Instrumentation and other vocals are provided by long-time Ward collaborator and bassist Joe Pisapia, keyboardist Matt Thomas and drummer Paul Murr.

Since my purchase of the debut album, it has found its way into my playlist many times. It is pleasing relief from hectic work days, which is not to say that it is necessarily music to relax to. Still the polish is so pleasing, it feels relaxing no matter the tempo.

You can find more information on Fauna Flora by visiting their web site or pick up the self-titled long-player from their site. I picked up the physical CD that includes the digital download. Seriously, you need to check this great band out!