George Ezra – Listen to the Man

I’m late to the George Ezra party, but thanks to my daughter’s recommendation, I’m in now! George recently released his debut long-player, Wanted On Voyage (January 2015), in both original and deluxe formats. The deluxe version gives you three bonus tracks. George does a good job of releasing videos for his songs, making it easy to pick a favorite, and for this go around I just had to pick Listen To The Man, because of the humor included with video guest Sir Ian McKellen

George’s rich baritone is hard to ignore. When you first see his face, you think, this is going to be a tenor and then he opens his mouth and begins to sing and you are really surprised! There seems to be no shortage of material in George’s library of songs. You get the impression that Wanted On Voyage is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s hope that is true!

Mr. Ezra has recently been touring the states and has been playing to mostly sold out shows wherever he goes. If you get a chance to see George in your area, get those tickets and get them early!

Check out this fun and amazing singer-songwriter now! You can find more information on George Ezra by visiting his web site, which includes all social and purchase links.