George Barnett – Where The Devil Sleeps

Musically, UK singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist George Barnett isn’t breaking tons of new ground here on Where The Devil Sleeps from the December 2012 EP by the same name. That said, he does everything well and with a passion that is evident in both watching and listening to him play. The melody is tight, he is vocally appealing, the instrumentation is full and mostly George, and that is truly where you begin to appreciate how far this young talented musician has come at a very young age. For instance, most of the mixing and editing is done by George, he’s created much of the video content that is available. He’s on his way to marketing himself as a pop musical force. Did I say he was young? According to his website, he’s merely 19 but that could have been in 2012 when most of his more recent content came out.

George Barnett has a promising career in music, whether it is singer, songwriter, editor, mix master, instrumentalist or all of the above, has yet to be determined. Let’s hope it is the latter!

You can find more information on George Barnett by visiting his website. George, if you read this, don’t forget to add your web site link to your site. His debut full-length was released in March 2012 entitled 17 Days and is available along with rest of his content on Check out the future of musical innovation!