Haley Sales – Never Before

Roll the black and white movie, tuck into the shade under the palms on a remote sandy beach where the leading lady sings about her love, and you’ve got the picture! Enter Haley Sales and Never Before (seen/heard here). To say that this is a retro number, would be an understatement, but it works on all levels. Haley has a beautiful voice and makes you visualize everything she sings about. The song was a collaborative writing effort with Sharon Stone, and before you ask, yes, the actress.

Haley’s childhood was blessed by artistic parents. Her father ran a studio in the basement of their Victorian home, and her early years were influenced by the sounds coming from the mixing board and the sweet magic of R&B and soul. She sang from a very early age, and once a childhood friend introduced her to a Judy Garland record, she was transformed. That is certainly evident on Never Before. Haley’s voice slides gracefully into the notes, like the gentle waver of silk sheets in a breeze. So smooth, so pretty. The listener is taken back to the 50′s and 60′s, perhaps to a smokey lounge, or to one of those black and white movies referenced earlier. It’s a great journey!

The instrumentation here is provided by Haley (piano, keyboards), Richard Sales (guitar), Darren Paris (bass) with string arrangement provided by Carl Marsh. Production credit goes to Haley as well. Mixing of this song was provided by Michael Brauer, while mastering credit goes to Joe LaPorta. All of this is a perfect package, which in this day and age of overproduced music, is a real nice change.

You can find more information on Haley Sales by heading up to her website, which contains all the social, streaming, and purchase links that you require. While Sharon Stone does not appear to have a website (seriously??), you can head up to her Twitter account for more information.

Never Before may hearken back to a style more reminiscent of the past, but this music is timeless and magical. Nothing seems dated here in the least. Check out this great single and consider picking it up and adding it to your collection!

Note: In many areas, things are opening up again, with Covid-19 vaccinations helping to ebb the flow of the virus, But artists like Haley Sales and many others are still struggling to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka