Hey Geronimo – Carbon Affair

Hey Geronimo are at their comedic best when they are satirizing something. Here on Carbon Affair, the band takes on all those old beach party movies of the sixties and looks insane-but good-while doing it. Hey Geronimo first made their appearance on ’A Little More Vodka’ back in August 2012, with the hilarious spoof on video games, Why Don’t We Do Something?

You can find more information on Hey Geronimo by visiting the band’s web site (which wasn’t available back in 2012). Carbon Affair is available on the same self-titled EP which included Why Don’t We Do Something?, And is available on Erring On The Side Of Awesome (November 2013), Is the groups latest EP and purchase links are available on the web site.

Check out humor and rock at the point where all roads merge. Check out Hey Geronimo now!