Hollie Cook – Postman

Hollie Cook was on Vodka’s radar briefly over 5 years ago, but for some reason, we never went back to check her out again. Hey, it’s just like anything else you do, sometimes there is just so much to filter through!  Anyway, Hollie has a new long-player out, Vessel Of Love (January 2018) that is full of well-polished pop/reggae jewels. There is no video available for the new material as yet, so to re-introduce Vodka readers to Hollie, we looked to her most recent long-player prior to Vessels, Twice (March 2016), and came up with the most excellent Postman (seen/heard here). 

Blessed with great vocal pipes, Hollie’s music is not over the top or in your face, but very subtle and beautiful. Take a listen and see what you think and then head on up to her website for social and purchase links. There isn’t, unfortunately, a bio page, which always irritates us a bit here at Vodka. For a little background, know that Hollie Cook is the daughter of Paul Cook (former Sex Pistols drummer) and her mother was backing singer for Culture Club. Short bio: She has musical roots. 

You can pick up Vessel Of Love or any of Hollie’s music from her store link on her website, her site, or Amazon.  If you haven’t already, check out Hollie Cook.