I Am Not Lefthanded – Alone

Alone is a video single from I Am Not Lefthanded’s June 2012 long-player, The Fire And The Sigh. “This is not the darkest night I’ve known, alone” sings lead singer Kathryn Williams, while parading through all manner of monsters, ghosts and freaks in not so monstrously, ghostly or freakish ways.  There is more than a little humor here. Given all that, you might think that the song craft here would be cheesy, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I Am Not Lefthanded knows instinctively how to pull off a great indie-pop tune.

Check out I Am Not Lefthanded by visiting them on their web site (social links and more), and consider a purchase of this very first long-player from their store link. If you’d like an intro to the group for Free, you can download Previously On IANL from