Eva & Manu – Feet In The Water

If you are following this blog, you’ll recall that I posted a track from Eva & Manu back on January 23, 2012.  This folk-pop duo has been traveling around Europe, working for their room and board, and playing and writing music about their experiences and feelings as they go.  It’s a tremendous effort, by two very talented people.  Check out their Travel In Music blog, to learn more.  

Posting this track now, is an effort by yours truly, to highlight the fact, that Eva & Manu should have their debut full-length released in just a few weeks. (April 2012 is the target).  Listen, and prepare to purchase this awesome group’s debut release as soon as it comes out.  

Update: 5/21/2012 – The full-length is not out yet, but the duo just signed with Warner Finland and released this video again, as well as releasing it as a single on i-tunes and other sources.  Hopefully, signing with a major label will not be a mistake.