Joey Harkum – Sick And Tired

Folk artist Joey Harkum is poised to release his third full-length LP Salt and Tar,  sometime this spring. While Sick And Tired (seen/heard here) will appear on that LP, the song dates back to 2008 when Joey was writing and singing music with The Pasadena Band. That said, while the song maintains the lyrics and melody, the style of playing is much different here, as are the vocals from Joey. His voice has gained a rich, natural, falsetto since those early days with The Pasadena Band

Lyrically, Sick And Tired explores the life of a blue-collar worker who counts his hours with his friends as a respite from the life he must return to when the workday begins again. It’s a much-repeated theme in folk music, actually, but it is something that many, many people can relate to on a personal level. If you are working to live, as many are, then this song is for you.

Since striking out on his own, Joey Harkum has explored folk music from a “no genre is off-limits” perspective. In 2021, he put out the LP Storyboard, which is a true distillery of music, from the lead-off track, Hold Steady, which is folk-rock, with an emphasis on the “rock,” to Whiskey Song, which is a playful Americana, to the title-track that throws in a little jazz sound on the bridge. If Salt and Tar follow suit, who knows what we might get? It will be good, that is for sure. 

Joey Harkum
Joey Harkum

You can find more information on Joey Harkum by heading up to his website. Almost everything is there, however, the bio could be better. Joey has been making music for a while now and I’m sure his story is better than the one small paragraph that is included. The social and streaming links are there, contact and tour information, and even some lyrics, which is a nice touch. Missing is the link, which contains digital download copies of Storyboard and 2016’s Love and Labor at very reasonable prices.

Check out a powerful and independent sound in the folk arena, by picking up some Joey Harkum music now, and watch for Salt and Tar, which should be out soon!

Note: Covid 19 is still with us. The variants continue to make life as we knew it, completely different. The livelihoods of artists like Joey Harkum and many others are still threatened. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated! –Vodka