Jon Allen – Dead Man’s Suit

UK singer, Jon Allen adds just a dash of gravel to his voice, but it isn’t at all unpleasing, as the tuneful (and funny) Dead Man’s Suit from the June 2009 album by the same name suggests. This up-beat romp on death is, yes, a little dark, but the toe-tapping kind of dark, and the “I can’t believe I’m laughing” kind of dark. Jon Allen’s words don’t get lost in the mix, and that’s always a good thing, and the mix is a perfect blend of guitar, piano, drums and other instruments. It’s fun, in spite of the content-or maybe because of it.

Jon Allen continues to make great music (the long-player Sweet Defeat was released in May 2011).  You can find a lot of information about Jon Allen by visiting his web site which also links to his social networking sites and purchase links. Check out Jon Allen!