Jon Allen – Night and Day

File this one as a return to Vodka after a long absence. Very dedicated readers / listeners, will remember Jon Allen’s wonderful Dead Man’s Suit from over two years ago. I try to go back periodically and check up on artists that have made appearances here, just to see how they are doing and if they have anything new worth sharing. Enter Night And Day, from Mr. Allen’s July 2014 long-player, Deep River

Jon’s voice is powerful and full of emotion. His guitar playing is as usual more than competent. The arrangement of Night And Day is not overly complex, which is exactly what this tune requires, but it does build from its simple beginnings to a full sound. This increases the urgency in the lyric and punctuates, rather than overshadows, the story. The end result is beautiful song.

You can find more information on Jon Allen by visiting his web site, which includes links to his store where you can pick up your own copy of Deep River. Check out this amazing UK singer / songwriter now!