Juliana Riccardi – Right On Time

Juliana Riccardi is an American singer/songwriter with a flair for combining the best influences of pop, rock, Americana, blues, and more. She has a beautiful voice, and she uses it in top form on Right On Time (seen/heard here), keeping the lyrics up-front and personal. 

The artist graduated from City College of New York with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Vocal Performance. From her New York roots, Juliana shifted gears, transplanting herself to sunny California, residing now in Los Angeles. She’s honing her craft by combining a few live performances with studio efforts and blending everything she’s learned along the way. Since she hasn’t focussed on a particular genre, her style is ever-evolving, allowing her to grow in many directions at once. What hasn’t changed is her commitment to her craft, and that voice should carry her a long way in any direction she chooses.

Juliana Riccardi
Juliana Riccardi

There’s not a lot out there for Juliana just yet. Her debut EP Full Cup (2021) garnered some critical acclaim and she’s played a few live dates since the beginning of the year. Right On Time is part of a two-track single dubbed The Nashville Sessions that was recorded earlier this year and released on March 1st. You can find more information on Juliana by visiting her website, which includes all of her available social and streaming sources. It’s missing a biography, which Vodka always finds useful, but this is a nice starting off point.

Stream her music now and watch for a long-player in the future from this amazing up-and-coming singer/songwriter.