Kian Blume – Daphne

Former Beatle and solo-artist Paul McCartney had a lot to say about the benefits of “Silly Love Songs” and artist Kian Blume is right there with him. Blume sings about the girl that he can’t get out of his head on Daphne (seen/heard here). There’s no new ground covered here and Blume proves that sometimes that just isn’t important. 

Kian Blume is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. His music can be delightful, infectious, upbeat, raucous, and more. To get a better feel for what he has to offer, check out his Spotify stream. Taking a listen to Sour, Not Alone, and others, juxtaposed against Daphne gives you a hint at just how multi-dimensional he is.

There is no website for Blume, which Vodka prefers as a marketing arm for any artist. The reason? Everything can be in one place. Even if you have nothing more than a holding page with all of your links on it, that is preferable to a scattering of links all over the web. In Blume’s case, those are basically Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music. There’s a Facebook page, that hasn’t been updated since it was created back in 2020. So essentially, there’s not a lot out there for this artist. Perhaps that will change as he moves forward in his career.

Check out this up-and-coming artist now and watch for purchase options for his music!