Kishi bashi – Bright Whites

Kishi Bashi has one of the oddest videos for the song Bright Whites from his April 2012 long-player, 151a, that I’ve seen in awhile. Kishi Bashi uses a loop pedal extensively to create rich pop soundscapes from the traditional to the eclectic.  Near as I can tell, Kishi makes Norfolk, VA his home, but is currently touring and was able to raise the money needed to create the new LP on Kickstarter.

You can find more information on Kishi Bashi by visiting his web site. (purchase and social links available). Delve into something totally unique and different. Check out Kishi Bashi now!

Update: Since this post was written (many posts are made weeks in advance due to the ability to forward post on Tumblr), Bright Whites has become a fixture on the Windows 8 TV ad campaigns. While I’m no fan of the OS (I’ve used Linux for 13 years and exclusively since about 2007), It’s wonderful for Kishi Bashi to have that kind of exposure.