Krissy Krissy – Maybe I

On Maybe I, pop singer-songwriter Krissy Krissy still isn’t breaking new ground with her pop music any more than she was with Dream (seen here about 11 months ago as a single and now part of the September 2012 EP, Above All that contains Maybe I as well) but doggone it, everything she does she does with such passion and talent that it’s hard not to love her music. Krissy Krissy has the passion and natural ability for pop music song-craft. Those two elements are what made Dream memorable back when I heard it the first time, and they are what sells Maybe I as well. 

If you are still a Krissy Krissy virgin, get on over to her web site and check out her tunes. You can also find Above All over on i-Tunes. Krissy Krissy may not be the most original pop songwriter, but she is one of pop music’s best practitioners.