Laura Veirs – Turquoise Walls

I’ve been a fan of Laura Veirs for years, ever since the magical track, Galaxies, came out. Vodka covered Veirs a couple of years ago, with the review of Everybody Needs You and also with Case, Lang, Veirs, and Atomic Number. There is something about Veirs compositions and her voice, that has always made her instantaneously recognizable to me, and that’s not a bad thing.

Enter Turquoise Wall (seen/heard here) from Veirs latest long-player, My Echo (October 2020), a collection tagged by Veirs as “My songs knew I was getting divorced before I did.” Throughout My Echo, Veirs tackles, through her lyrics, the struggle of maintaining meaning in her marital life. Her now ex-husband, Tucker Martine, was always part of her musical team.  He was a great partner musically, producing a great many Veirs offerings, but the two struggled to find common ground in their marriage and family life. 

There is no one-stop-shop for information on Laura Veirs, but you can find more information by heading to her Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can pick up her music by heading up to her site which includes all of the formats that you might like. 

While Laura Veirs may not be a ‘dark corner’ artist in the strictest sense of the word, she is still often relegated to the corners of the musical spectrum. Many still don’t recognize her name in the music world. For that, she still deserves a spot on Vodka, in spite of her large cult following. 

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Note: With Covid-19 still around, probably to be with us for some time, artists like Laura Veirs and many others need your purchases to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka