Lauren Mann and The Fairly Odd Folk – Over Land and Sea

British Columbia’s, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk are a confab of various artists surrounding singer, song-writer, vocalist, storyteller, Lauren Mann. Let’s describe Lauren Mann as a positive force in folk.  So why a video from 2014 just now?  Well, Lauren Mann is out with a new album and it is full of bubbly pop-influenced folk tales of her last four years of travel, loss, adventure-you name it.  Dearestly (July 2016), is 16 tracks that range from the brief (Idyl 1, 2, and 4 weigh in at just under a minute and a half each), up-beat (New Beginning, Brave Face, Beautiful Place), soft and lilting (Talk Of Leaving, Hibernate) and more with everything between. Brave Face could easily be a radio single and should be!

Supported by no label, Lauren Mann and company have to rely on word of mouth to garner a following.  To that end, Dearestly is a name your price download on, where you can also pick up the long-player, Over Land And Sea (May 2012) and the EP, Where The Ocean Meets The Sky (November 2014). 

To find out more about Lauren Mann, visit her website, which includes other purchase options for Dearestly. Support great independent music by picking up Lauren Mann’s music now!

Update 2020: I don’t know why the video for this track was pulled, because it was really great. Unfortunately, it’s not available any longer, and neither is a good quality alternate except this album cut audio-only. Great track still!