Lesley Kernochan – The Universe

Singer and songwriter, Lesley Kernochan, has explored several different song styles during her career that spans over a decade. Take her debut full-length, Undulating from 2006 for instance. That LP explored a capella in a one-woman mix of layers of Lesley. It was innovative back then, and I would imagine that just sticking to that style would have made Lesley unique and successful. That is something that she obviously was not content with as she has done progressive folk music, children’s music, and various shades of folk-pop since arriving on the music scene. 

Ms. Kernochan’s latest long-player, A Calm Sun (2017), is the first long-player dedicated to Americana. It touches on country here and there but sticks to a folk blend of Americana and country that is pleasing to the ears. Her voice is clear and beautiful and the lyrics are always front and center here. The Universe (seen/heard here) is just one example from A Calm Sun that is worthy of in-depth listening.

For more information on Lesley Kernochan, head on up to her website. You can pick up digital downloads of her wonderful long-players there, or head up to her page and you can pick up either digital or physical copies there.

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