Little Hurricane – Interview

Music Musings – August 2013

Focus On Little Hurricane

It was only a few weeks ago or so, that I posted the third in a series of videos from Little Hurricane’s absolutely stellar Homewrecker CD. If you’ve missed the original posts, then take a quick review of Give Em Hell, Haunted Heart and Crocodile Tears. The long-player is full of great lyrical, edgy rock, that somehow finds its way to my playlist more frequently than most. From the moment I heard Give Em Hell, I’ve been following this band on its current path-saddened only by the fact that I did not discover them sooner. 

That so much quality sound can come from a duo sometimes takes me by surprise. Little Hurricane is unapologetic in their delivery. Every song is served up with a direct and forceful assurance that is more common in rock bands three times the size. There’s no shoe gaze going on here.

CC (percussion, sultry vocal) put up a video on Craig’s List to see if there was any interest in her drumming style. Tone (singer, songwriter, vocal, guitar, other instruments) saw her work, found out that she lived only a few blocks away and they met up. The rest is musical history in the making.  There is a perfectly compatible dichotomy between the sultry vocals of CC and the edgier vocals of Tone. If that sounds a bit contradictory, well, it is a little. CC’s vocals slide and slip; They are deceptively delicate, while Tone’s vocals co-opt a blues grunge vibe. Yet they work in perfect concert with each other. Case in point would be the statement / answer, back and forth that goes on during Crocodile Tears.

If you have not as yet picked up Homewrecker, then it is (way past) time. Get out your billfold and purchase it. You won’t be sorry! In addition to being reasonably priced up-front, you’ll receive a digital download of Homewrecker to add to your i-Tunes or other digital collection. In short check out Little Hurricane! It is a great rock and roll band. You can find Little Hurricane information, including purchase links, on their web site.

This just in: Little Hurricane is working on a new studio release due out sometime in 2014. Keep your ears tuned in for that one!


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