Little Hurricane – Mockingbird

Ever wonder if a duo can really sound like a full band? Little Hurricane has always made that perfectly evident. Their music is usually raw, edgy, dirty blues-infused rock and roll. This little duo is one of Vodka’s favorites. If you have reason to doubt that, then take a look at the posts I’ve featured from them. Like many artists, they’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple of years… for good reasons. The pandemic surely played a part, but so did the fact that the married couple have two children. Raising a family and performing has its own set of challenges. It should come as no surprise that the duo is preparing to release a new LP, Life Is But A Dream, which combines the reimagining of classic children’s songs with some new original content. Mockingbird (heard here) is the first single from that new LP.

Mockingbird will not disappoint Little Hurricane fans who have grown up listening to music from Homewrecker, Gold Fever, Same Sun Same Moon, or Love Luck. There is no compromising style to make these children’s songs appeal to a more generic audience. If you are a Little Hurricane fan (and let’s face it-you should be!) then you will find plenty to love here. 

Little Hurricane

Little Hurricane was formed back in 2010 when singer/guitarist Anthony Catalano (“Tone“) and drummer Celeste Spina (“C.C.“) met through Craigslist with a common interest in playing and performing.  What followed, was 2012’s phenomenal Homewrecker LP and the beginning of a connection that would not only foster music, but bring the duo together as a couple, and finally as a family. It’s been 12 years since that formation, but their music is still some of the most compelling rock music out there. 

You can find some information on Little Hurricane by heading up to their website. The layout of this site is great with moving picture images on the static pages that make it feel alive. That said, there are some problems too. First, the site is missing a good biography. Little Hurricane has been together long enough now that they have a story to tell in words, not just music. It should be there on the website. While I like the moving layout, this sometimes obliterates the social and streaming links that are there. While the music link on the website does return a Spotify playlist of top tracks, there is no direct link to their channel on Spotify. Since streaming plays an outsized influence on music these days, that’s an important omission. These complaints are minor but should be addressed in the future to maximize marketing for Little Hurricane. Their store link, however, is excellent, with band swag, and music getting top billing. 

If you are a Little Hurricane fan with a family of your own (and even if you don’t have a family), watch for the upcoming release of Life Is But A Dream and pick it up. If you’ve never purchased any of Little Hurricane’s music in physical form, consider purchasing their back catalog of excellent music from the store link. In Vodka’s view, Little Hurricane is one of the best duos out there!

Note: There is a reason to be cautiously optimistic about the trajectory of the COVID 19 virus. We’ve been here before and were turned back by the variants. Even with things improving, artists such as Little Hurricane could still use your purchases. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times.  Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated. — Vodka