Little Hurricane – OTL

Little Hurricane is a big favorite here at Vodka. If you’ve missed our posts, here’s a brief look back:

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I always find it fascinating that this duo has the sound of a band twice their size. If you are a fan of good rock and roll, the indie rock of Little Hurricane is hard to ignore.  

OTL, or One True Love, is set against an Armageddon-like backdrop. It poses CC (drums and vocals) and Tone (guitars and vocals) whose real-world love has been in the making since their development as a duo prior to the release of Homewrecker, as a married couple who, with a cute dog in tow, attempt to escape the carnage to a secluded cabin, only to have a missile explode near the cabin at the very end. The sad thing is, that we may be heading for just such an end in the US with our current political atmosphere.

Little Hurricane’s release of OTL is in preparation for the release of their new long-player, Same Sun Same Moon, due out soon. Head on over to their website for a pre-order package of Same Sun Same Moon, a look at the tour schedule, and more.

If you don’t have any of this duo’s music in your collection, it is more than past time to correct that error. Pick up some Little Hurricane now and let rock and roll live again!