London Grammar – Big Picture

Every now and then, usually, when I’m the most down about the music business and its propensity to deliver the same old crap day after day, I’m jarred into the reminder that there are wonderful examples of pure musical genius still hidden in the shadows. Today, while listening to Serious XM’s The Loft, I heard this gem from the incredible UK band, London Grammar. Vocals fronted by the talented Hannah Reid, who has a range that is absolutely incredible, the band weaves majestic melodies that conjure up imagery of their own. 

Case in point is Big Picture (seen/heard here, February 2017), the latest single release from the band and the second in two months. It was preceded in late December 2016 with Rooting For You which is equally wonderful.  London Grammar has released only one long-player to date-their debut If You Wait (2013). If the latest flurry of activity from the band is any indication, they may be poised for a new LP release soon.  Keep your fingers crossed on that. (Note: Finger crossing is no longer necessary. The new long-player, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, is due out June 9th. Watch for it!)

If you want the first stop for information on London Grammar, you can take a peek at their website, which, unfortunately, has no band bio on it and is mostly a link to their music purchase options. Other purchase options exist but aren’t mentioned there. You can pick up most of the band’s music via this Amazon link, if like Vodka you aren’t a fan of iTunes. The closest thing to a bio we can find is the group’s Wikipedia page.

Check out this amazing band now! Add them to your soon-to-purchase list!